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Garnet Crystal Bracelet

Garnet Crystal Bracelet

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CONDAXOXO handmade Garnet bracelets are simply Stunning! Each bracelet is carefully crafted to showcase the natural beauty of the crystals, with the perfect balance of size and weight for comfortable wear throughout the day. The color and shine of the Garnet crystals are truly mesmerizing and are sure to draw compliments and admiration from everyone around you. "It's giving Rich Vibes", So add a touch of elegance to your daily life with CONDAXOXO handmade Garnet bracelets today!

See Crystal Disclaimer Below


Attract more Abundance! Garnet carries the energy of creation. This beautiful stone helps increase creativity while maintaining confidence in expressing yourself artistically. It gives support as you work on your dreams & passions, assisting one to remain grateful and humble. This is a cleansing stone that purifies the energies in the body. Garnet is the oldest stone for Spiritual Protection offering courage and strength. Be open for good luck in areas of love, relationships of all kinds, business, goals and more! As a stone of love and relationships, Garnet helps boost self confidence, inspire hope in love, balance sex drive and alleviate emotional disharmony. Garnet dispels negative energy, preventing fear and strengthens survival instinct during times of crisis.

*Crystals are not for replacing Medical treatment. Please seek a licensed Health care professional for medical questions and advice.


Listing is for ONE Bracelet Similar to Product Photo
  • Handmade
  • 6mm-12mm Round Crystal Beads
  • Wrist Size Approximately 7.5”
  • High Quality Elastic Stretch Cord for flexible wear 
  • 100% Natural- each bead is different & unique 
  • Bead colors may vary from the picture 
Crystal Bracelets are intuitively chosen
    *Colors on screen may vary depending on monitor

    Stock photo is Not actual Item Unless Specified in the Product Description.

    CONDAXOXO Co. Products

    Our Beautiful selection of Crystal Bracelets are handmade and come on a stretch cord for flexible wear.

    All of our crystals are smoke cleansed and packaged with herbs for Cleansing & Charging.

    Crystal Disclaimer

    Image of Crystal disclaimer warning to seek a licensed professional for advice