Garden Quartz

Lodolite aka Garden Quartz has a calming energy that Enhances Meditations and Spiritual Communication. Easily access Higher Realms and Deeper Dream States such as Lucid Dreaming.

Quickly connect with your Higher Self for Clarity and Guidance to Manifest your Hearts Desires. Dream Big Boo! Garden Quartz gives you the Courage and Strength to Overcome Obstacles and Self-Sabotage.

Set your Intentions for your Highest Good and Garden Quartz will connect you with Energies that Match your Desires!

This is a gentle, Nurturing Crystal that Harmonizes Energies, and Aligns the Chakras. Bring Balance and Organization for Clear Thinking, allowing you to freely move forward with Confidence and Ambition.

Not only is this a Scenic Beauty, Garden Quartz will cleanse your Aura and Environment.